Pegasus PSL

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Pegasus PSL

Description:  This two-story, 75,400 square-foot building is located at 9400 Discovery Way in Port St-Lucie.  The building’s white-and-blue hue and muted Art Deco style are reminiscent of Miami Beach’s Park Central Hotel, dubbed the Blue Jewel of Ocean Drive.  Inside the building boasts classrooms, laboratories, offices, an auditorium, art-filled walls and hardwood floors.  The new campus sits on approximately 8 acres which are prominently visible from the highway, in a phenomenal location on I-95.


Located in the beautiful Master-Planned mixed-use Community Tradition in Port St. Lucie.


Year Built: 2017

Square Footage: 75,400 SF

Project Location: Part of Tradition Commercial Association

City, State, Country: Port St. Lucie, FL

Tenant Improvements:

Keiser University 75,400 Sq. Ft.