The story about the Keenan Development Group

Property development requires a keen attention to detail, a focus on good design, quality materials, and the ability to stay on budget, on track and on time. The Keenan Development Group has decades of experience in property development, producing high quality developments throughout both the United States
and Canada.

A Long Record of Success

Since the Keenan Development Group’s founding in 1985, we have focused on creating unique one-of-a-kind developments throughout the United States and Canada. We have raised equity in excess of $50 million on projects nearing a quarter of a billion dollars, and the Keenan Development Group stands behind its 28 year reputation as a quality developer and trustworthy partner in real estate transactions. When the Keenan Development Group was founded by Robert D. Keenan in 1985, Mr. Keenan had been in the property development field for more than 30 years and had an established knowledge of industry practices. Mr. Keenan was committed to creating a property development firm that would go above-and-beyond for clients, helping them manage projects with a keen attention to detail from start to finish.

The management of the Keenan Development Group has stayed in the family. The company is operated by Robert Keenan’s son, Bill Keenan, and son-in-law, Dale Chynoweth. Mr. Bill Keenan is a general contractor and Mr. Dale Chynoweth is a chartered accountant. Together, they have continued the proud tradition of helping clients to develop exceptional properties that are both practical and cost-effective.

Property Development from Conception through Completion & Beyond

The Keenan Development Group has enjoyed a long and prosperous history in real estate because we focus on developing top-notch properties and exceeding client expectations. We have developed apartments, warehouses, retail buildings, office buildings, resort real estate and extensive renovations to the hospitality industry. Our reputation is staked upon quality developments, which are designed from the ground up to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Once a project is complete, the Keenan Development Group continues to manage the operations of the buildings to maximize value for the project investors. At every step, we focus on cost control, accelerated occupancy and to ensure a profitable development. Additionally, the Keenan Development Group draws upon the nearly 30 years of financing experience of Dale Chynoweth to pursue the most aggressive financing terms in the market place. This, combined with our focus on cost control are keys to your project’s success.

Your investment deserves the highest level of attention and the Keenan Development Group is committed to making your investment a successful one. Give us a call or contact us online to learn about how we can help with your project development needs